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A practical face cover for any occasion
by Lucio Serpani
Altrove flagship store + studio
Venice — 10/25/2014

Deleting the face. 
Excluding it from being object of contemplation and subject of communication. Erasing the somatic traits and replacing them with other signs, words.

October 25th 2014 Altrove hosted in its atelier the leather faces created by the artist Lucio Serpani for the project De-cor.
For Experience #8, a practical mask for every occasion, Serpani deletes the face: without identification marks, words take the feature’s place.
Exhibited leather masks are part of a group of objects of design to which Lucio Serpani has been committed for a long time.
They are the outcome of his varied education. After the degree in Architecture at IUAV in Venice, he also graduated in Theatre Sciences and then started to work in the mask atelier of the Venetian master Renzo Sindoca. Hence the inspiration for the project De-cor, a form of communication aligned with Altrove’s creativity and refinement where experimentation meets tailoring.

Enrico Matzeu — Pizza Digitale

Born in Dolo, Venice  in the 1982. In 2001, I started architectural study at IUAV in Venice and parallel I worked as assistant in the atelier of theatrical masks and sculptures by Renzo Sindoca (Mira - Venice). In 2008 I began a specialized degree in Science and technics of theater, always at IUAV, attending workshops with Claudio Longhi, Csaba Antal and Margherita Palli. I graduated in 2010 with a thesis on "performative aspects of the bachelor machines". By May 2009, I worked as assistant in the studio of the american painter Lawrence Carroll in Venice. Since 2009 I also started a collaboration with Teatro Fondamenta Nuove as set designer, making, among other things, the sculptures for "Le Baccanti", production of Stabile del Veneto, directed by Giuseppe Emiliani at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.


Lucio Serpani