Lucia Veronesi — 2012

A pile of furniture, armchairs, couches and chairs fills the corner of a room.
Little by little, it collapses. As in a dream, other presences appear, and an oneiric dance begins. Then they slowly leave the scene turning off the light.

time 1’ 27’’ / hd / colors / stereo
soundtrack Matmos Supreme baloon / published by Matador 2008

Lucia Veronesi (Mantua, 1976) graduated from the Accademy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan in painting (2000) and moved to Venice in 2003. She works with video, collages, paintings, drawings and installation. Her recent work has focused on the concept of desire and possession, in particular on hoarding, a mental disorder that drastically changes domestic space. In the last year she has been invited to Painting Detours, artists in residence in Udine, curated by Andrea Bruciati, and Mustarinda Artist in Residence, Hyrynsalmi, Finland. Her most recent shows include: Partners Lucia Leuci/Lucia Veronesi M.A.R.S, Milan and The dark side of the moon, Galleria Jarach, Venice. Some of her videos were selected for 2Video-Undo.net an online video festival.


Lucia Veronesi