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Verdindusia — 2013

Verdindusia, as if asking permission, knocks in the small and grotesque madness of the things that people hide, putting her characters at ease in situations that are not normally so.
For Altrove, she presents images of 360 degrees sculptures. In so doing she aims to give prominence to the “made in italy” through altrove’s formal design research as a work of art. Visually impactful, verdindusia offers clean lines for a brand that lives in the city of art per excellence.

Verdindusia (Ferrara, 1988) graduated in industrial design in Padua University in 2011. After an internship at the studio Joe Velluto, Vicenza, Verdindusia has been working as a photographer, filmmaker and freelance industrial designer. She has participated in several exhibitions in Barcelona, Lisbon, Turin, Milan and Rome and her works have been published in magazines and publications of international level. Verdindusia’s multidisciplinary approach has proved to bring an experimental and provocative dimension to contemporary definitions of art and design. Conceptual and instinctive, Verdindusia’s works are food for thought, readily available to interact and interrogate the outer world. As she remarks, “ideas not materialized or not left to ferment are comparable to talking or making love alone.


Verdindusia Sara Bozzini