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EGELIDOINFINITIVE PRESENT — to liquefy — to melt / to unbind — to free / to clarify — to solve

to be witness of a pause / to abstain to try a new way
to overstep the surface tension, veneer of the present / to start a journey through time

a moment free from action, suspended / to be present to absence, to move in the immobility
to know meanings - synonyms - antonyms / the possibility of movement revives

I inhale
interest in the transition moment / the substance of border / the shape of breath

they say that ice melts at zero grade / for bears, the heartbeats slow down to 14 bpm
we are made of water by a 65%

to claw back our state, changing it / I have been somewhere else, I am back
now I am somewhere else, once again


i perceive  the geometrical structure of pure forms / the synthesis: three items for  woman, two for man / the imperfections, so desired — a value
i touch — the fabrics: wool, pure silk, cotton / all italians / clothes entirely made in Italy — handmade

photo Debora Vrizzi
hair stylist — Paola Magrini / Vanity
mua — Alessia Rampin
models — Karin P. / David D. V.
special thanks to  Hyper&Hyper — Treviso