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In a world where everything goes very fast, Altrove takes its time. 
Following its own rhythm, altrove creates clothes that are not meant to go out of style every season.
In addition to research of geometric shapes, one of altrove’s characteristics, stands out the study of the concept of angle.
Angles which with their presence emphasize the sharpness of the lines or, on the contrary, their absence makes them look softer.
One of Altrove’s feature is to provide the opportunity for those who wear the clothes, to intervene directly on it:
switch the front to the back, change the buttoning... The dress is interpreted, you choose how to wear it, it fits the way you feel.
Linen, canvas, poplin and gabardine are the fabrics used for this spring|summer.
All available in a palette of white, black, mud and polka-dot details.
Altrove is not identifiable with a single type of person, nor by age, nor by physical appearance.
Altrove is a history of taste not of fashion.

— Alfonso Papa
mua — Paola Magrini / Vanity
model — Ester B.