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Sometimes, if you can’t change a situation,
you just have to change the way that you think about the situation

— A. Zittel

Eraser to recover the white of sheet:
call into question, consciously observe the action
and provoke reactions, define the starting point again.

What we made so far undoubtedly remains.
Follow new experiences not to stay unchanged:
another way of doing is possible.

Our foundation: the geometrical structure of clothes.
The shapes are talking, always.
Fabrics are the means by which the shapes express themselves.
Clothes entirely handmade in Italy.

7 pieces

micro-perforated cotton cloth
sprawling perforated cotton cloth, organic pattern —  like small air bubbles in the glass
black covered cotton canvas: rubber effect
extra-light laminated cotton cloth: gold-silver effect   
linen 100%
embossed cotton and silk fabric
black-ecru striped cotton cloth

photoDavide Ambroggio
mua — Paola Magrini, Vanity
shoes Elina Dobele
hats — Tête De Bois
models — Anna P. / Andrea D.
special thanks to — Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice / Enrico Bettinello / Matteo Torcinovic — Alessandra Bello