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Altrove’s roots are venetian and the very name comes from the feeling of being somewhere else
— both in time and space.

The a/w 2010 collection, entirely made in the inland parts of venice and composed of a reduced number of pieces, is characterized by an accurate research for forms. The development of forms is the very essence of Altrove’s creative process. The fabrics become “instruments”, the means by which it is expressed. In the quest for purity of form, applications and decorations are eliminated conferring to the clothes a sophisticated simplicity. The construction choices, such as deconstruction, details such as the row cut, are the founding element of Altrove’s proposal. The modularity, is the key word which defines Altrove’s a/w 2010 Collection. A distinctive feature that allows to create new geometrical shapes and unexpected volumes, providing uniqueness to the wearer.
Forms to be customized. Clothes in continuous transformation.

— Photozone
mua — Paola Magrini / Vanity
model — Eusebia Lupu