Qui È Altrove

qui è altrove – experience 11#

by Matteo Attruia

Altrove studio — Venezia
October 1st — 29th 2016

Qui è altrove (Here is elsewhere) exists twice without interruption.

The exhibition has existed in 2009 when it was the title of the first major solo exhibition of Matteo Attruia. The exhibited works have in common with each other the ironic and irreverent approach that leaves the audience confused about what is true and what is not.
The artist has exposed so the occupation of a space, a place, a role he wants to do right, but he is denied. An exhibition was a here but also a now: it was a space and a bit of time in which Matteo Attruia was an artist.

Qui è altrove (Here is elsewhere) exists for the second time in 2016 and reveals a path that led Attruia to restrict the range of techniques focusing on the neon signs and actions as facts that show his artistic position.
The Altrove (elsewhere) which sought in 2009 is here, in 2016, realized in every now, in every idea, project, in every exhibition.
In 2016 he  presents a collection of notebooks with signs of every single day of his life until the opening of the exhibition.
The single day to get Altrove (elsewhere).

The notebooks often returne to the job of Attruia: are the same artist’s work where, as a daily practice, he has noted for years its projects; they are therefore a sign of his being. Sign that becomes succession of signs. This idea initially was presented by Attruia in 2012 to Temps Étrangers, a collective exibition about time in Paris.
But in 2016, he shows a temporal portion where he seems locate l’Altrove (elsewhere) as an awareness of the existence of this space.

A reflection not only on the passing of time and memory, but also on space: here Attruia is an artist and he manipulates the audience about the role of himself in the world, but at the same time he is manipulated by the audience becouse it becomes the mirror and the determination of himself.
The Altrove (elsewhere) is a piece of time and ever present space on which is impossible to speak or write with a consecutio temporum apparently correct.

Anna Romanzin